1) sweaty sauna sesh
2) I really like these leggings
3) WOD
4) dinner

I had a very relaxing day today! It was perfect and exactly what I needed. I’m. It sure what I’m doing tonight, but I’m in the mood for a movie!

I’m also currently obsessed with YouTube vids and doing research. Always a work in progress!



SO my favorite starting-point article just got updated finally and now it’s even better than it was before!

Hey ladies! Stuck on what you should be doing in the gym? Afraid of hitting the weights? Not sure what you should be eating and supplementing? But you REALLY want to build some muscle, don’t you? 

GO HERE: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/womans_lean_sexy_bible.htm

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering what your tattoo says? Sry, fairly new follower and hadn't seen it before! Ps You are strong, fierce, beautiful and totally my hero! 😘

Oh wow 😍😁 thank you! My tattoo says “What’s past is prologue.” It’s a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest.’ I’m an Anglophile and have been obsessed with England for a long time. Also, one of my favorite subjects in school was English and writing, and my major was History. This quote is inscribed on the base of the U.S. National Archives. So it ties in to my love of research and writing perfectly. My tattoo reminds me that my past sets the context for my future but it doesn’t define it. This was probably more than you wanted to know haha. 😘😘😘

Post cardio sauna ramble