Daily download:
1) sending off our latest film to festivals!
2 &3) pre workout face and post workout post sauna face. 😅😅😅😅💦💦💦💦💦
4) WOD- arms
5) waiting for this damn iOS 8 update…

My roommate is finally home tonight, so we’re hangin out! Happy Wednesday!!

Daily download:
1) oatmeal for breakfast- 100 cal cinnamon roll oatmeal with 1/2 scoop choc chip cellucor protein powder 😍 so good
2) lunch
3) pre workout has kicked in
4) WOD- legs!
5) post dinner mint chocolate chip protein shake
6) icing my old lady knees and watchin’ YouTube

My roommate isn’t sleeping here tonight so I am occupying myself with fitness videos and stretching. I’ve been feeling really strong lately, mentally and physically. I’m considering doing some sort of fitness competition…

Introspection and personal goals

The point of having a blog is to reach others & to express myself. I want to be as real as possible, and acknowledge the hard days (which have become few and far between) while celebrating the small victories (achievements at work, changes in my body, etc). While most of my posts have been very image heavy, writing has always been my first love, and sometimes I just need to w-r-i-t-e. There is something so satisfying about filling a page with words you have strung together haphazardly. So bear with me…

Despite the fact that I recently turned 25, I still feel like a kid. I’m uncertain of my future, I have vague goals of fame and fortune and a lot of my day revolves around snack time. Most days, I could also use a nap.

Yet part of getting older is celebrating these childlike desires and realizing that NO ONE has their shit together all the time. It’s just impossible. Everyone has goals they’d like to achieve, and obstacles that stand in their way. What will differentiate you is whether or not you take steps to achieve those goals and to break down the walls that stand between you and your goals.

I’ve recently fallen in love with myself again, and have come to appreciate my body, and the curves that I have built. I have worked hard to embrace my flaws and to celebrate the changes I have made by repeatedly picking up moderately heavy objects. At first, stronger legs scared me. For a woman living in today’s world, gaining mass is not always celebrated. And, as I gained muscle, I certainly became ‘bigger’ in some areas—my thighs, my booty, my arms…Yet these gains were not random or unintentional. Pride in my accomplishments soon won out over fear.

Gaining physical strength has also helped me to become stronger mentally. Yes, I still have my moments of insecurity and bad body image days, but— for the most part, I can appreciate what I have created. In achieving ~self love~ I have opened up much more time to devote to my other interests—like writing. So, here I am, holding myself accountable: I am challenging myself to stop merely saying that I’d like to write.

I will write. For myself and for others.

So, although I have obligations (like work and paying my bills) and a variety of interests (like working out, watching embarrassing amounts of television, and spending time with my friends), I will try to enrich my soul by devoting more time to reading and writing.

Anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some blogs to follow that are similar to yours?

Anonymous asked:

Hi. I just wanna ask if it's bad to workout at night? Maybe 8pm onwards?

No! Workout when you feel motivated or when it fits into your schedule. There is no “better” time to workout, in my opinion, as long as it’s the right time for YOU. Some people workout fasted (I usually don’t, because I go to the gym after work). Just make sure you’re fueling your body after you workout— have a post workout snack with some protein. This is just MY personal opinion. 😘😘

Sunday Daily Download:
1) I woke up like dis
2) and then snuggled with dis. And then went grocery shopping, to CVS, and made protein oatmeal.
3-7) WOD and shoulder/ delt gains. I love working out while watching football. Since I was house sitting for my parents, I decided to workout at their house today instead of going to my mom’s gym. Today, the dumbbells and cardio sufficed.
8) walkin the dogs
9) meal prep!

My Packers pulled through for me today…that first half had me anxious, not gonna lie…

Now I’m doing my laundry and cleaning my apartment while watchin the Bears/Niners game. It feels like 10 pm and it’s only 8…I can’t wait to sleep!