Anonymous asked:

ya isn't kate windsor like the princess or something ?? lol seriously why would you give out your last name silly people :P

👸 Yes she is! My middle name is actually Windsor, so I like to joke that I’m related to the royal family haha

nebraskaswole asked:

WHAT?!? Your a nebraskan? Thats awesome i guess all the cool people are from here haha👍 what part are you from i live in a little town close to colorado border.

I lived in Nebraska when I was 2-8 years old! My little sister was born there!! definitely full of some of the coolest people I know! 😎 We lived in Omaha, but my best friend had a farm up near virdegree (? phonetic spelling) near the South Dakota border and I would go up there all the time with her!

I work in a small office, and we eat lunch together pretty much every day. Lately I’ve been slipping outside to take a short ten minute walk before we eat. The sunshine, fresh air and physical activity really have helped me to mentally “reset” and go back to work with a clear mind.